Code Club Python environment cheat sheet

Last year our Code Club attempts with Python and IDLE were a bit frustrating. Well more frustrating than this year at least :). I noticed that a few things were a bit hard to read and didn't show up properly, so I've fixed those.

So put this cheat sheet next to you while going through the Code Club Python activities. It relates to MacOSX, Windows, or Linux (we've used Raspberry Pis for our Dexter Industries BrickPi EV3, GoPiGo, and Minecraft Python sessions).

Our environment uses three windows in MacOS and Windows:

  • a text editor
  • Python shell
  • commandline terminal

There's also some cool tricks for having multiple windows when connecting to Linux with ssh, which will get to in a later post!

The cheatsheet gives examples to make us able to edit and run out Python in different environments. For those who didn't really manage to get much done during our noisy Code Clubs, or something just didn't work, have another go at home when it's quiet. As a few keen people have done, you can download Python 3 from That's probably the easiest to use.

It also covers running your scripts. I think we're slowly getting better at troubleshooting Python errors :)

I've put the updated cheat sheet here