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Grade 5 and 6 code club kicks off for 2019

Scratch 3 and starting a second code club for grades 3 and 4

2018 - in review

Robots - microcontroller vs computer (Raspberry Pi)

Almost Term 3, 2018!

Term 1 and 2 2018

2017 - in review

Python Kids - End of Term 3

Term 3 2017 First Python Group, 2nd Semester

Third Term 2017 begins

Elegant Creativity with Makey Makey and Scratch

Weaning off Scratch

First Term 2017 - Fantastic Volunteers!

Micro:bit 2-way radio example - adding audio alerts

Micro:bit 2-way radio example

After Code Club

Showing progress

Python GoPiGo Robot workshop

Helping beginners learn to troubleshoot their code

Term 3 Python Robot roundup

Scratch patterns

Code Club and questions about programming

Setting up your Raspberry Pi robots for multiple locations

Scratch BrickPi Robot workshop

Importing more Python functionality

Text editors and helping kids learn Python

Tips for designing your first Scratch games

Saving Scratch game states to cloud data

Preparing SD cards for our code club robots

Fun times!

Python progress

Scratch, Stencyl, and video game programming competitions

Setting up robots for Code Club

Exciting Scratch projects are happening

Python level-based challenges

Spyder Python IDE

Keeping what you've learned

Moving from Scratch to Python

Cloning sprites

Term 1 Python roundup